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Amy Posey

Interactive Keynote Speaker and Author

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For nearly 20 years, my goal has been to inspire human performance @ work.  I use a combination of performance research, neuroscience, and stories from the business to create a way to think differently about how you work.

The science behind human performance is fascinating. Once you start to uncover how the brain works, you can see our brains haven’t really caught up to the modern world of work.  I involve every audience member to better understand their brains and engage in deep connections and conversations.  Every single person who listens to me gets one tip to work more effectively and drive their own high performance.

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About Amy Posey

I have spent the last 10 years as a leadership development facilitator with Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Adobe, Applied Materials, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Eli Lilly, Genentech, Google, Hewlett Packard, Mastercard, McKinsey, Microsoft, PayPal, ServiceNow, Time Warner, and VMware.

To me, it’s really about understanding and translating science into practical habits in addition to hearing powerful stories of lessons learned from business and adventure to help us define our own work and habits. I have consolidated years of lessons and observations into my first book, Wild Success, co-authored with Kevin Vallely, and these stories can help all of us drive our own performance in work and life.

About 8 years ago, I earned my Executive Masters with distinction in Applied Neuroscience and Leadership from the Neuroleadership Institute. Bringing the scientific lens into my work with team performance was a game changer. I earned my M.B.A. while living and working in the Kingdom of Bahrain, giving me a unique global perspective. And my passion for writing stemmed from earning my B.A. in English, Education, and Writing from Purdue University. Combining the three fields of science, business, and writing has allowed me to broaden my perspective in working with leaders and teams.

Applied Neuroscience Expert

Amy curates research in applied neuroscience and puts it into context of the busy working professional.  She shares practical tips and techniques to experiment with the science and be more effective in both your professional and professional life.

Business Leader

As a Founder and CEO of SUPER*MEGA*BOSS and former CEO of The AIP Group (formerly Peak Teams), Amy has led and managed teams, as well as worked with elite athletes, science experts, and artists creating unique and powerful leadership development programs.

Innovator and Disruptor

Working in Silicon Valley for the last 13 years, Amy has been a part of high performing and innovative teams.  This experience sparked her interest in how our brains innovate and what are the conditions needed to be at our best.  She has used her deep research to innovate and disrupt the leadership development market.

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Wild Success

Based on my latest book, Wild Success is an innovative, adventure filled keynote that draws on the real life experiences of extreme adventurers to teach us all lessons in resilience, purpose, and reframing.

Ignite Innovation

Innovation is a must for any organization or team who wants to thrive. How does your brain actually generate new ideas? How can you create the environment to be more innovative every day? I share how to make more a-ha moments at work.

Inspire with Story

Learn how the brain responds to story and shift your thinking on what great stories you have to share as a leader. Shift your thinking to audience-focused communication and create stories that inspire people to act.

Thrive Through Change

How do you feel about change? For most people, it is a huge source of stress, confusion, and distraction. In this keynote, learn how your brain responds to change and be more effective–thrive through our constantly changing work environment.

Bringing Global Experience to Your Event

It goes without saying Wild Success also conveys my own passion for adventure, which has taken me to 60+ countries on all 7 continents. Most recently, I was part of an 11-person expedition to the Arctic, crossing Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada, on a 100km trek across the Akshayuk Pass, the 5th largest island in the world, on foot in the middle of winter.

That same year, I re-traced some of Shackleton’s voyage to the Antarctic, following his footsteps in Stromness on South Georgia Island as well as mountaineering on the Antarctic Peninsula.

I live in San Jose, California, and I also love hiking and flying paragliders, and I have flown in Ghana, Mongolia, and throughout North America and Europe.

Cisco Live 2018 attendees recommended Amy's session to others
point Net Promoter Score (NPS) increase after Amy's keynote at VMware Sales Kickoff

Thank you for facilitating at the Blue Cross of Idaho Leadership Summit today. You provided amazing insightful information, and masterfully kept the attention of the entire audience. I am fascinated by what you shared!

Elizabeth DurrellSupervisor-Clinical Support and Wellness at Blue Cross of Idaho

I was in one of Amy's talks. I found it ( and her) engaging, informational, and really just awesome. The clear explanation of the science, engagement with the audience, and the willingness to engage individually afterwards made it a great experience.

Peter JonesDistinguished Engineer, Cisco

Amy was Compelling, Motivating, sparked A-ha!, Amazing, and Insightful. Her presentation and idea conveyance were excellent. I was fully engaged through the entire presentation.

Cisco Live attendee

Amy engages with her audience in a compelling and authentic way. Her passion for neuroscience and leadership really comes through in her work. She's confident and at ease on stage and in front of a camera, well prepared for both presentations and unrehearsed Q&A.

Karen Lai, BetterUp

Amy presented at the International Association of Business Communicators World Conference and did such a great job that we invited her to do a presentation for our local chapter of IABC. She did a great job of tailoring her content for our audiences and had a dynamic, engaging presentation style. I would definitely recommend her.

Tami Wendt, International Association of Business Communicators

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