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For nearly 20 years, my goal has been to inspire human performance @ work.  I use a combination of research, neuroscience, and real life stories from my own experience consulting with Fortune 500 companies around the globe to create a way to think differently about how you work.

My keynotes are interactive and fun!  There’s no reason that science has to be boring.  Once you start to uncover how the brain works, you can see our brains haven’t really caught up to the modern world of work!  It’s fascinating to understand and apply brain research to help you be your best.  I involve every audience member to better understand their brains and engage in deep connections and conversations.  We also have fun while learning more about our brains and how we work.  I share  practical advice, giving every person at least one tip to work smarter that can be used immediately.

A self proclaimed “fun brain nerd,” I have shared insights on how we work more productively and brain-friendly with numerous Fortune 500 companies, and I would love the opportunity to speak with your team!


About Amy Posey

Amy works with complex organizations on their biggest people challenges.  At Peak Teams for 7 years and Deloitte for 10 prior to that, she creates and delivers leadership development, learning, change, and communication solutions to global companies. She works across functions and has deep experience with engineering, operations, sales, finance and marketing teams.

Amy earned her B.A. in English, Education, and Writing from Purdue University.  She earned her M.B.A. in Managing Change and Marketing from DePaul University’s campus in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where she lived and worked for two years.

She also completed her Executive Masters with distinction in Neuroleadership from the Neuroleadership Institute.

Neuroscience Expert

Amy curates research in applied neuroscience and puts it into context of the busy working professional.  She shares practical tips and techniques to experiment with the science and be more effective in both your professional and professional life.

Business Leader

As a facilitator and CEO of Peak Teams, Amy works with a team of elite athletes, science experts, and artists creating unique and powerful leadership development programs.

Innovator and Disruptor

Working in Silicon Valley for the last 12 years, Amy has been a part of high performing and innovative teams.  This experience sparked her interest in how our brains innovate and what are the conditions needed to be at our best.  She has used her deep research to innovate and disrupt the leadership development market.

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Brain Hacking:  Work Smarter with Science

This keynote helps you understand how you can use your brain more effectively @ work. I share tactics for prioritizing your day, to staying focused, and managing your energy to how to run your meetings more effectively.

Ignite Innovation:  Make A-ha Moments

Innovation is a buzz word these days.  In this keynote, I share how your brain actually generates a new idea!  Where does innovation happen in the brain?  How can you create the environment for being more innovative every day?  I share how to make more a-ha moments at work.

Make the Shift:  Communicating in a Brain Friendly Way

We spend so much time thinking about how we communicate versus how people actually HEAR our messages.  Shift your thinking from what you want to say to what your listener needs to hear and remember.  In this keynote, I share tips on communicating effectively based on your working memory and capacity to learn.

Thrive Through Change

How do you feel about change? For most people, it is a huge source of stress, confusion, and distraction. In this keynote, learn how your brain responds to change and be more effective thriving through our constantly changing work environment.

Bringing Global Experience to Your Event

Amy is also an avid adventurer, traveling to over 60 countries on 6 continents (Antarctica is later in 2018!).   Her passion for travel and exploration helps her deeply understand diverse cultures.   A love of nature sparks her insights on how our brains perform at their best–outside, in motion, and in the midst of deep thinking.

Amy’s most recent expedition was a traverse of Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada, on a 100km trek across the Arctic through the Akshayuk Pass.

She also recently joined a Peak Teams expedition to New Zealand to film climbs on Mt. Aspiring and Mt. Cook.  Amy also loves hiking and flying paragliders, and has flown in Ghana, Mongolia, and throughout North America and Europe.

Cisco Live 2018 attendees recommended Amy's session to others
point Net Promoter Score (NPS) increase after Amy's keynote at VMware Sales Kickoff

Thank you for facilitating at the Blue Cross of Idaho Leadership Summit today. You provided amazing insightful information, and masterfully kept the attention of the entire audience. I am fascinated by what you shared!

Elizabeth DurrellSupervisor-Clinical Support and Wellness at Blue Cross of Idaho

I was in one of Amy's talks. I found it ( and her) engaging, informational, and really just awesome. The clear explanation of the science, engagement with the audience, and the willingness to engage individually afterwards made it a great experience.

Peter JonesDistinguished Engineer, Cisco

Amy was Compelling, Motivating, sparked A-ha!, Amazing, and Insightful. Her presentation and idea conveyance were excellent. I was fully engaged through the entire presentation.

Cisco Live attendee

Amy engages with her audience in a compelling and authentic way. Her passion for neuroscience and leadership really comes through in her work. She's confident and at ease on stage and in front of a camera, well prepared for both presentations and unrehearsed Q&A.

Karen Lai, BetterUp

Amy presented at the International Association of Business Communicators World Conference and did such a great job that we invited her to do a presentation for our local chapter of IABC. She did a great job of tailoring her content for our audiences and had a dynamic, engaging presentation style. I would definitely recommend her.

Tami Wendt, International Association of Business Communicators

Additional keynote topics

Be Mindful

According to the Institute of Mindful Leadership, 93% of leaders report that mindfulness training helps them create space for innovation.  It improves strategic thinking and reduces stress.  Learn quick mindfulness practices you can incorporate into your day to be more focused.


Stories move us to action–and they have since the dawn of time.   Learn more about how our brains receive and connect to stories to make your content and information more memorable.

Sell Smarter

Sales is about building relationships and trust in order to drive buying decisions.  How can you use neuroscience research to build relationships quicker and more deeply?  Learn the skills to make stronger personal connections with your sales prospects and be more successful in your sales pursuits.

Spark Creativity

We all need to develop new ideas, no matter our industry, function or job.  How do you infuse your day-to-day with more creativity and prime your brain to come up with novel solutions to your most complex problems?

Build Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is critical to our job success and accounts for 58% of performance in all types of jobs.  It’s the strongest driver of leadership excellence, and yet, we don’t learn this capacity in school or on the job.  Understand the impact of being more emotionally intelligent and how to build your capacity.

Design Thinking

Take your a-ha idea to the next level and turn it into a prototype using design thinking methodology.

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